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Stun Gun For Self Defence

Stun Gun

Indian is a fast developing economy and more and more women are working in companies and institutions. The safety of working women is a big issue . Government has tried to ensure their safety by taking initiatives like woman in distress help lines, CCTV at public places etc. But sorry to say that these initiative can only help in catching the offenders but can not protect the victim. We have brought for the first time stun gun in India. This little master piece of technology will revolutionize the way we look at woman. It will empower them to take charge of their own lives. It can be easily taken along in ladies’ purse or handbag. One can use it at the slightest threat with the click of a button. There is no need of any specialized training or learning to use this safety gun . Just by a touch, it can really stun the attacker and incapacitate him for up to half an hour, there by giving the victim enough time to escape from the crime scene, unharmed. Also it does not cause any permanent damage or serious injuries to the attacker , so there is no risk of any counter litigation. It comes with an extended wear rechargeable battery which gives long standby time. Once used it can be recharged from power source anywhere. Its completely safe for use and even a first timer can use it with confidence. You can buy online stun gun or can get it from our shock gun shop in Delhi. It comes with a one year replacement warranty. You can also call our toll free numbers and pay on delivery. You can also send us a SMS and our customer care executive will get back to you. We have different models of the stun gun in display on our website or you can visit our stun gun shop in Delhi. You may choose from the mobile shaped stun gun , the torch shaped stun gun, the mini stun gun, the stick shaped stun gun or the standard stun gun. Beware of using it before children and keep it out of their reach as it is potentially dangerous for them. We are selling the stun gun at a very competitive price and we are also giving heavy inaugural discounts to our first hundred customers. We are also offering a buy back offer of two months from the date of delivery.
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Stun Gun For Self Defence