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Air Pistol For Personal Use No Need Licence


  Aair Pistol Gun  

We all face situations in life when we feel and wish we were armed with a weapon. it’s a hard fact of life but true. Criminals can attack us anywhere and there is no place secure unless we keep a weapon of self defense ready. The situation can get worse if you are old or a woman alone. Hiring a bodyguard is both expensive and tedious, moreover even bodyguards can run away at times of need. The safest approach is simply to be self armed. For firearms one needs arms license and getting one is also quite difficult. Also one needs solid jack to move your file and reason to show the need for firearms.  We have got an easy solution for you. You can buy our latest air pistol without any license needed. We are the biggest supplier of air pistols in India. We take orders online or you can visit our air pistols shops in India. We guaranty same day delivery of our air pistols in Kolkata, rest of the country it may take three to four days. You can be rest assured assured that all our pistols come with lifetime warranty for manufacturering defects. Also we are giving early bird prizes to first hundred customers. You can call our toll free numbers of visit our website to see the complete range of our latest air pistols in India. We offer a buy back scheme to our valuable customers in case you are not satisfied with our products. All our products come with one year replacement warranty which can be extended to further six months on payment of nominal charges. Our after sales service is the best in market through our nationwide service centers. Our trained efficient staff at these service centers gives for hassle free repairs in case it is needed. So why to wait, visit our showroom and select the latest air pistols of your choice. We assure you that you will never feel cheated.

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Stun gun is a piston operated mechanical device which can be triggered to generate a high pressure pellet injury to any person or animal to protect oneself from an attack. It is an improvised device made from alloy metal and plastics utilizing state of art technology. It comes in different models depending on the choice of person using it . One can easily buy it from air pistol shop in Kolkata or it can be ordered through internet. We are the main manufacturer as well suppliers of air pistol in Kolkata. We have slashed the prices of air pistol Kolkata to bring them at par with other places in Kolkata. We also give one year replacement warranty. So hurry up buy now and enjoy your personal security equipment.


We all need security. Don’t we? Those we are week and old are at a greater risk than others and everybody knows that. Air pistol is invented keeping in mind the security needs of women in India. With the growing industrialization more and more young women are working in MNCs and offices till late evenings. As a result there are more chances of stalking and eve teasing now days than ever before. An air pistol gun can be easily carried in a handbag and can be brought out quickly if needed and fired at the attacker. The attacker gets a pellet injury and falls down in severe pain immediately. He gets partially immobilized and the effect stays till the pellet is not removed surgically from body. In the mean time the victim gets a chance to escape and get help. Thus an air pistol is a boon to the young ladies and oldies who are alone most of the times and fall easy prey to anti social elements. One can easily buy online air pistol Kolkata from shops . The prices of air pistol Kolkata have been on rise but still quite nominal considering its utility. You can also contact for air pistol in Kolkata through toll free number for live demo.